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In any accident involving serious injuries, the key to getting the compensation necessary for a full recovery is clearly showing the extent of injuries on the innocent parties. A experienced personal injury lawyer will fight to get you every penny you deserve. Too often, however, people struggle merely to deal with the reality of living with day-to-day pain, and are unsure how to proceed when insurance companies underestimate the impact of injuries on themselves and their families, and pressure them to take less than what their claim is really worth.

Mila Boyd is of counsel with Wheeler Montgomery and Boyd, PLLC, our Vancouver personal injury attorneys understand the need to balance assertive legal counsel with sensitivity to what our clients are going through. They deserve to be fully compensated for their injuries, but at the same time, it is difficult to devote time to their case and speak about their case. Throughout every personal injury case we take on, we keep two important goals in mind:

  1. Helping our clients obtain the maximum compensation possible when another party is to blame for their injuries
  2. Allowing them to lead their lives as normally as possible while they recover

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Clark County Personal Injury Attorneys: Handling All Injury Claims

Whether you were injured in Washington or Oregon, our personal injury lawyer is dedicated to helping clients in the Vancouver and Portland metro region that are injured in a wide range of accidents. Some of these include:

When we accept a case, we do not approach it with one predetermined strategy in mind. Our Vancouver personal injury attorneys know that it is best to fully understand a client’s situation — not just the compensation he or she needs for treatment but also the long term impact on their personal and family life.

Our personal injury lawyer is equally effective arguing a case before a jury and negotiating favorable settlements with insurance companies. We do this by making sure that our clients’ injuries are well-documented; we spend considerable amount of time helping our clients learn how to tell their stories and describe how their injuries have affected them and their families. We know this can be an intimidating process, but we are committed to making it as manageable as possible.

Few people think of themselves as the type who would bring a legal claim following an accident — until they are injured because of someone else’s negligence and see firsthand how insurers try to prevent them from getting money for necessary treatment.

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